On Whitehawk Hill | A Corona Diary

Martyn Ford’s darkly humorous diary gives account of a year of collective alarm and individual fear when the membrane between public and private life became permeable as never before.

Amidst the new anxieties, bizarre behaviours and perplexing restrictions, he finds himself drawing physical and mental strength from the small-scale and the local. Throughout the ebb and flow of the pandemic, he returns to ‘the Hill’, a precious but beleaguered green space in East Brighton.

Parvenu Press is pleased to announce its next publication will be Martyn Ford’s account of the pandemic, On Whitehawk Hill, A Corona Diary. Read this exclusive excerpt.

Martyn Ford is a Brighton-based writer and illustrator. He is the author of the popular series of books, How to be British, which deals with the themes of language, culture and national identity. His latest collaboration is Great English Tales from History and Legend, LGP 2021.