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The Hardham Divine

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Stephen Plaice (Brighton, 2021) ISBN 9781474262101 (520pp)
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Publication Date: September 21st, 2021

Meet the first Millennials. Ravaged by famine and drought, taxed to the bone, the poor wait for a leader to deliver them. Set in the turbulent years between the first and second Crusades, The Hardham Divine tells the story of Truda, a young Saxon woman, who finds herself the centre of a messianic uprising. Stephen Plaice’s visionary novel immerses the reader in the terror and beauty of medieval Sussex.

Vanishing Point

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Martyn Ford (Brighton, 2018) ISBN 9780992949020 (67pp)
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This collection, spanning five decades of Martyn Ford’s work, captures the unease of a generation that betrayed its own idealism for an insular and comfortable materialism. His poems move between brooding lyric melancholy and the outright comic. Influenced by the English light verse tradition, Ford brings, even to dense and difficult ideas, a compulsion to entertain.

Those Under Saturn

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Stephen Plaice (Brighton, 2018) ISBN 9780992949037 (123pp)
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Time is the raw material of Stephen Plaice’s verse. He explores a comprehensive view of time in which the dead still contribute to our everyday lives. These poems, selected from work over forty years, show a poet rooted in his landscape, listening to the rhythms of the natural world. But, as a result of the writer’s long experience working in prison, human society is also viewed here, stripped to the bare wires.

The Fonthill Poets

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(Brighton, 2016) ISBN 9780992949013 (87pp)
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The Fonthill Poets were active in the South East of England from 1979 until 1994. They were brought together by the poet Laurence Lerner, with no overt manifesto beyond sharing new work. And yet, their output reveals in this anthology the trajectory of British poetry during the second half of the twentieth century, as the traditional assumptions about literature were being challenged by a diversifying culture.